About Me

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My name is Kat Sung (they/them). I am the owner of Sung Spirit, LLC, an ordained minister, oracle card reader, spiritual mentor, energy worker, and writer, who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the human service field.

My passion to walk beside others on their spiritual journey stems from my intersectional perspective and work to reclaim my own power through spirituality. It has shown me that the blame, guilt, judgments and discrimination put on us by others (no matter how micro or overt) greatly impact the narratives we carry about ourselves and our relationships. This leads to a stifling of our ability to live authentically and limiting, or sometimes severing, spiritual connection altogether.

I am dedicated to providing guidance to others who want to live more authentically and divinely aligned. It's ok if you feel lost, stuck, or unable to find your way! Together, we will uncover what may be causing resistance, learn to honor and release those blockages, and explore new ways that better support you in your growth.

Blessings! 💜🙏🏼✨

Whenever you are ready, I will be your guide.

Lean into Liberation

Spiritual freedom is a journey that relies on both a willingness to be uncomfortable and the ability to give grace to oneself when it becomes too much to bear. This freedom embraces contrast, synchronicities, movement and stillness. It allows us to stand firmly in our authenticity, and to experience peace and contentment more profoundly than ever before. If you are seeking a more liberated sense of being, know that it is possible and that it awaits you.