Seasonal Offering

Each season there will be a spiritual offering given in limited quantities.

You may order one by emailing or visiting Sung Spirit on Facebook or Instagram.

Fall 2023: Autumnal Equinox Gridding Set

Each set comes with a Labradorite Point, Tumbled Crystals, Sunflower Petals, and your choice of 5.31" Wood Crystal Grid

Only 4 Left!

1.7" Labradorite Point

3 Smoky Quartz Tumbles

3 Banded Carnelian Tumbles

$25 + $4 Shipping

2.5" Labradorite Point

6 Smoky Quartz Tumbles

6 Banded Carnelian Tumbles

$35 + $4 Shipping



Grid Materials

Labradorite: Strengthen connection to Spirit and psychic abilities; protection from psychic attacks; boost creativity

Smoky Quartz: Grounding; improve mental/emotional stability; dispel negative energy

Banded Carnelian: Increase confidence, vitality, and life force energy; fuel passion and sensuality

Sunflower Petals: Attract joy, peace, nourishment, and loyalty

Wood Grid: Used to set and amplify intentions in routine rituals or special enchantments; attraction and manifestation

Previous Seasonal Offerings Available for 20% Off!

Summer 2023: Summer Manifestation Kit

3 Solstice Charged Crystals + 3 Oracle Card Reading for $20 (includes shipping) ~ only $16 with 20% off!